IM The Signal FAQ

I Trade NADEX binary options & Oanda Forex. I seek out HIGH probability trades on the GBP/USD and make profits

No, I only trade my personal Nadex account

GBP/USD Nadex 5 Minute Binary Options , 1 Hour Options & Oanda Forex

My bread & butter is 5 Minute

Every trading day Sunday – Friday I get on the charts and look for trades. Or NOT if the market behavior suggests NOT.

Members have access to my screen share. Just do what I do. I pick the trade and you enter it when I do.

You Make the trade… Just FOLLOW ME to it !

I use FreeConferenceCall to screen cast the LIVE Trade Room.

You can visit their site here for any special requirements

I Don't really keep track anymore… But it is pretty Good.

More Important is to recognize VALUE.







$70 Monthly All Access IMtheSIGNAL  -Follow Me- Service

$20 Weekly All Access IMtheSIGNAL  -Follow Me- Service

$5 Daily All Access IMtheSIGNAL  -Follow Me- Service


I get on the charts. When a trade set-up occurs, I pull up a

ticket and take a trade

To CREATE 1000 PROFITABLE Retail Traders

Of Course I have, and Will Again BUT …Only because of the FREQUENCY of trades I take to maintain the service. However Quality is ALWAYS preferred over quantity for profitable trading.

Tho I may take multiple trades daily, there is NO reason that You must do the same. My suggestion is for traders to take only a few trades a week

f I lose because of proper money management &  skill level…

loses are recouped rather efficiently.

Meaning; We make the money back in a short period

There are no Refunds. Any refund requests will be immediately dismissed.

Your access fee may be returned, HOWEVER you will be permanently removed

from all services going forward.

Follow Me Service is LIVE all the time

You can see them here…..

No I will SHOW You when to take the trade. Most times I am silent just watching the market behavior. When the time is right I strike. You must do the same.

Just Follow Me

Anyone that wants to trade & win

Anyone Without the time to Learn

Anyone That is trying to learn from a Winning trader

Anyone that is a marketer looking to create income streams

Anyone looking to trade Nadex but is having problems

Anyone without the patience and discipline to trade ALONE

Anyone tired of FAKE signal services

Anyone tired of FAKE auto-traders

Anyone tired of losing money online

Anyone looking for SKILLS Over Scams

Anyone that Just Wants the Win and be Done

We Have Special Introductory Price of $70 Monthly

$20 Weekly

$5 Daily

No, But I can SHOW you where a good trade is at.

Then you can watch me take it.. Or You can take it also

Go to the NADEX site. They have plenty Basic tutorial videos


Probably everything BUT the winning

You can only have 1 Nadex account, I use mine all the time


Contact Me Directly on FB for quickest response